Sunday, October 16, 2011

Turning a Corner

Here is a boy after my own heart.
Can it get any better than soaking up the sun's rays while reading a good book (or comic)?

Somehow the warmth of the sun feels even more luxurious when you know that winter is creeping ever closer.  I'm noticing the changes in my own backyard.

Overnight, the colors seemed to change.  Or maybe I just finally stepped outside and took a look.  Either way, I had an itch to find more fall colors, so on Sunday morning we headed up Snowbowl Road.

It seemed that everybody else had the same idea.  The road was lined with parked cars at every little aspen grove along the way.
We joined the crowd- the best colors were here at Aspen Corner.

For a few hours, we were enveloped in the magic of the place.
While round goldenrod leaves rained on us, I sat and soaked up the sun.

Fallen logs became boats, and sticks became cannons.

The baby slept well, allowing the two-year old to claim  his mommy again.
He was even allowed to eat just grapes for lunch.

Then we had to return home.

But I have these two brilliantly orange trees in my back yard that allow me to hang onto some of the magic.

I am willing the trees to hang onto their leaves a little longer.
I want to hang on to fall as long as I can.

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  1. looked like this weekend was a good weekend up at Snowbowl.looks lovely.... cute photos also !