Monday, October 10, 2011


We had a very fun weekend that involved tackling some projects around here and company each of the last three days.  It was so nice to have loved ones and family over, pitching in to help out and just sitting and visiting and cuddling the newest family member.

Our dining room is now less one ugly rock wall, as well as some drywall, 
and I am now thinking about paint colors. 
If my brain can wrap around the idea fully.
Somewhere, somehow, I have lost some brain cells.  It just might have something to do with my sweet little Elaina. As cute as she is, I think she is to blame for my state of semi-consciousness.
I have called her a 'he' nine times.
I have mixed up my sentences every hour of the day.
I have started to say something, only to realize I can't get the word out that I want.
And I have made a complete fool of myself out in public.

It was Dean's birthday last week, and I happened to be out for Elaina's Doctor appointment.  I decided to bring Dean a drink from one of his favorite Thai restaurants downtown. I walked in and asked for an italian soda to go. The guy looked at my funny and asked what it was I wanted?  "An italian soda" I repeated.  He proceeded to show me all these different drinks that they offered, obviously none of which were italian sodas.  "Can I look at a menu?" I finally asked, frustrated that it was taking longer than I expected.
Upon reading their drink selections, I realized what I dolt I was.  I was supposed to be ordering a Thai Iced Tea!!  No wonder he was looking at me like I had three horns! I was in a Thai restaurant, asking for an Italian drink!
I felt like holding up the carseat, holding up my five day old baby to prove that I really was still sane.

Then again, I wonder if the guy would have just run the other direction.  How could I expect this college kid to understand that a new baby means you function with half of your brain the first few weeks as you feed, change, and burp around the clock?
Maybe I'm safest housed in my hole. I mean housed up.  I mean holed up in my house.
At least I have the sweetest little munchkins to keep me company.

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  1. Adorable photo. I love it too when my busy, active boys stop in the middle of playtime to cuddle the baby:) And the brain cells do start functioning again, have no fear;)