Friday, May 13, 2011

The sweets of my labors

I am likening myself to a sloth this week.
This sloth could not get off her lazy butt and get to the grocery store, let alone plan a decent weeks menu. Which is dumb really, because being lazy creates more work for me in the end.  I had to run to the store for few things earlier this week, and today I have to make a run for hamburger buns. You'd think I'd have learned by now.  Especially when grocery shopping once a week with the two little boys is enough to make me swear "never again!"
We had homemade waffles and grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner two nights this week.  Oh, and we already ate pizza one night too.  That leaves what? Breakfast burritos?
Thank goodness we have a new grill waiting to be broken in, tonight we are have having hamburgers. I will pretend it is a real meal since I am making my own patties, and thus assuage my guilt about slacking in the kitchen.

Plus I decided that we would make a double batch of cookies.  I don't know why I thought that we was a better idea than I, but the kids enjoyed dumping flour in the bowl and chocolate chips all over the floor anyway.

Actually, I think they had more fun washing their hands and playing in the water than turning the mixer on and off.  Next time I'll just have them wash the dishes.

It's okay though, I ate enough cookie dough to make up for the extra hassle and mess they caused.
I considered how some people don't eat cookie dough because it has raw eggs in it.  Then I ate some more.
I considered how some people don't eat cookie dough because it is uncooked and gross. Then I ate some more. I concluded that some people will just never know what they are missing.

Click on the picture if you're interested in seeing the recipe larger. You can click again to zoom.

The fruits of our labors.  Or should I saw sweets?
I like the soft cookies best, when the middle is slightly uncooked.  Its almost as good as eating cookie dough.
And check out this cute plate!  I made this on a girl's night out when we went to a pottery studio.
When it comes to oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough though, no, I won't share the love. 
Go make your own.

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