Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'd rather be sewing

While at the duck pond yesterday, I realized that I have found the perfect spot for our next picnic.
I realized too, that I do not have a picnic blanket. Or a beach blanket for that matter.
I need a picnic/ beach blanket, and I think it needs to be a quilt.
I cannot wait to get started.

My current plan is to use only scraps. I will sew up what I have into whatever 12 inch blocks work, then piece those together.  It should be interesting, and colorful. Perhaps it should have a water resistant backing.
I have a lot of scraps, but still, I wonder how many years it will take me.  Although, with all the quilts I have planned, maybe I can finish it for this summer. Maybe I better go get busy sewing.

I am a procrastinator.  I have a bunch of Little Hands Sign classes coming up, but I am procrastinating getting serious about my lesson plans. In the meantime, I have been enjoying the lull in business duties and have been enjoying my sewing machine.  This last sewing project is a baby gift.  I decided to try my hand at dressing up some burp rags.

This diaper/wipes case is the fourth I've made.  They're basic and I love to use a different, fun fabric for each one. Too bad I didn't take a picture of each before I gave them away.

Usually, I get a half hour or so of sewing before all the kids come to see what I'm up to.

The older ones quickly lose interest and go find their own entertainment, but I usually have to end my sewing session soon after this one finds my lap.

While I'm preparing dinner, folding laundry, making the school run, and cleaning house these next few weeks, my mind will be here 

and here.


  1. beautiful blog today!

  2. Our kids have been sewing at school lately - both on the machine & by hand - and are loving it! It gives them such a sense of empowerment to want something (like, a dress, let's say) and then realize they can make one! Well, sort of. They're only 4, but they're loving it! I love that you are so creative. I used to sew (was actually a fashion designer for 10 years), but have completely forgotten how now! I understand the pull toward the fabric store....
    Beautiful post!