Monday, May 16, 2011

Soaring into Spring

It was one of those spring days that brings everybody outside to start working in their front yards: landscaping, laying sod, pulling weeds, placing rock.
Biking down the street we saw many neighbors I had never seen before, and I marveled at the beautiful weather that brings everybody out of hibernation and into feverish activity.

We were out to play, not work.

We were headed to Flagstaff's Kite Festival. Our bikes and trailer joined others locked at the rack and we took off for the bounce houses - a treat for our kids.

From there we headed to the arts and crafts table and the face painting booth.  Had I paid for the bit of paint on their cheeks, I would have demanded a refund, or at least a try at it myself.  The race car Brant requested resembled one of those soft Tonka truck toys for babies that makes music. The kids seemed satisfied enough though. And it was free.

Do you remember playing with the parachute in elementary P.E.? It's the funnest thing ever. This thing would have entertained the kids for hours had we let them stay that long.

The highlight for Donovan, though, was the kiddie caboose.
It made me slightly dizzy.  The driver must get bored doing big loops around the parking lot. I suppose he was just spicing up his own monotonous day.
can you guess what their face paintings are?

I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the kites. It was pretty awesome. I wonder how many lines got tangled?!
Our kids had no desire to fly kites, and I was glad of their decision when I saw the price tag on one of the kites being sold - $40!

the crowd at the climbing wall and kiddie caboose
Next year, we'll bring our own kites, a blanket and picnic, and plan on staying the whole afternoon. Soaring into spring is easy in Flagstaff, the wind never stops blowing.

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  1. good to know we are not the only windy place!