Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fricassee the Chicken!

So my two littlest boys are sitting at the table, finishing breakfast.  I'm kind of tuning out their chatter, because this is a typical morning and they like to converse.
Except I just heard this from Brant, "YOU CAN DO IT ALBERT, JUST RELAX!!!"
No he didn't mean Aubrey.  He was referring to a character in a book.  In this particular book, Albert (who is actually a bear) gets the jitters racing against a bully of a show off, and his friends help him to focus with something called the Relaxercise.  I wonder how much of what we read will come back to him and actually be helpful. Will he remember this little phrase when he's anxious before a test, or faced with an unpleasant task?  Will any of my kids remember the story Finders Keepers for Franklin when they take something that doesn't belong to them? What part do books play in the shaping of a child's character? They do play a part, I'm certain, I just don't know how much. Nevertheless, we continue to read, and listen to audio books, and enjoy the stories.

I love that my three year old can spew out phrases from books we've read, sometimes hilariously relevant.
And the best part? Dad spews them out too.
"This is not a time for a Gonk and a Roo..." and

You had to have been there.

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