Monday, May 2, 2011

Itching to create

Our back yard was designed for spring. It is sheltered from most of the wind, so it feels a lot warmer than it really is.
The kids eat their lunches outside and color.
 Or we hang out on the trampoline, enjoying the warmth and the chatter of the birds.
Some of us fall asleep in the sunshine.
I love the colors of spring,
and the new growth that brings the buzzing bees.

Spring makes me want to create. 

If this were my house, I'd re-stain these old kitchen cupboards. Or paint the living room, or build a playhouse. Well, I would try convince Dean to build a playhouse; I'd sew the curtains.
What I'd really love to do, is plant a garden.
As you can see, this back yard was not designed for vegetable gardening.
We have grass, wood chips, and volcanic rock. Not the greatest for growing things. 
Actually, I just thought of something. See the framed-in box of sand?  It's a horse shoe pit, or was.

There are two of them, obviously, and it would make a perfect little garden!
There's even some gardening tools laying around already, just waiting to their job. 
If the landlord's don't mind, I do believe I've got my next spring project.

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