Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My pictures have nothing to do with this random post

I wish I could record some moments on my memory.  I don't know when I would pull them out, but I'd like them there. Last night, I was rocking my 18 month old to sleep.  At first, I was irritated that it was taking so long, and that I had to rock him to sleep to begin with.  But it occurred to me that I will someday miss these moments.  He was playing with his toes, and I loved his nonsensical chatter.  Why is it that he will fight sleep tooth and nail, and I would give anything for it??!? I wanted to remember every detail of it though.  His warm little body on my lap, his feet flying and the sound of his baby talk. Once he finally falls asleep, I usually don't want to put him in his crib.  I could sit and rock him all night long, sound asleep on my chest.

 Actually, its probably a good thing I am forced to do our bedtime routine every night.  The kids make me slow down and spend some quiet time reading and rocking.  If it wasn't for them, I would probably wear myself down working nonstop.
I am eager to get the ball rolling and get my business up and running. Having a home based business does not mean that I can devote forty hours a week to it, however. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, home life moves along. Today, I must do laundry, return books to the library, grocery shop, and start on our tax return.

I was alarmed to read that when operating a business, 20% of my time will be spent dealing with my products and services, and 80% of my time will be spent doing administrative work. When I think back on the last three weeks, I believe it!
The good thing is that I have come up with a logo, and a name! I have all the forms filled out, ready for submitting to the city and state. I have a healthy start on my business plan. I have content up on my web page.

Things are moving along, and as I move along, I realize how fortunate I am in my family and friends.  My mother has encouraged me to keep going, my former sign language teacher has offered her support and advice as well as a reference letter, so many of my friends have helped me with my logo, planning my website, sending in a reference letter, or editing my web content. 
It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed; it takes more effort to slow down and be thankful.
Today I am thankful.

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