Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Do You Do It?!?

With four children, I don't really consider my family large yet.  Everybody I meet in public intimates exactly that though. You've heard all the remarks, I'm sure.  "Boy you've got your hands full." "You must be busy." "I don't know how you do it!" And on and on.
Sometimes, I'm able to do it because I have so many children. 
They are each other's best friends. They entertain each other, leaving me in peace.

Sure, sometimes they simply annoy each other, as well as their mother, but on the whole, I think that they're pretty good buds.

I can't imagine raising a single child.  Oh, the boredom! 
I cherish my childhood days and the memories of being part of a big family.
When we were growing up, every night at bedtime my mother would read to us. I love to read to this day. 
I also have the same bedtime routine with my own kids, and they all love to read. 

Yesterday morning, I was cleaning the kitchen, enjoying the quiet room, when I heard the two little boys reading books upstairs. I grabbed my camera and sneaked over to get a peek.
I love that they can entertain themselves with books.

I love that they are such good friends that they can read together.

I love how the morning light was streaming into the room

I love that Donovan is signing what he sees in these last four pictures.

I could say that I love how they are signing together, but I know that is not what is really happening here, and I cannot tell a lie (besides, the lie may be cute but the truth is kind of funny).
 I do believe that Brant just picked his nose and is checking out his gold.

I love, love, love Donovan's expression in this picture.
"What are you doing, brother? I'm trying to communicate, and all you care about is eating your boogers!?"

How do I do it?!?!