Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm feeling pretty special

I was shot by cupid's arrow.  Or something. 
On closer inspection, I think I discovered it was actually an orange nerf bullet. I guess that's my husbands way of showing his love, bombarding me with his son's new toy. 
Actually, he did shower me with some lovely roses and some of my favorite drink, Naked Juices.
I feel pretty special.
My children wrote me Valentine's cards and Connor gave me a kindness coupon. I feel pretty special.
When I was growing up, I can remember one Valentine's Day where all of us girls found a pretty little mailbox  on our dresser's filled with red and pink candy. I don't remember if my Mom left us a treat every year or not, but that was the first memory I have of Valentine's Day, and I felt pretty special.
And being the busy, forgetful mom that I am, I don't remember what I gave my own kids last year, but each year I do try to let them know how loved they are.
This year, I made a special dinner. Turkey and sweet potatoes don't have much to do with Valentine's Day, but I did make the table look pretty.  Aubrey told Brant, my three year old, to look at the table when they came upstairs for dinner. Brant said, "Oh cute!" 
He made my day!

Aubrey was quite pleased with the prospect of a Valentine's Day party complete with cards, candles, cake, and a box of chocolates of her own.  She must have thought she'd have to wait until school for a party.
I hope I made them all feel pretty special.
This picture is actually from this morning. See how bad I am? I don't even fully clear the table when I do the dishes! To tell you the truth, Dean actually did all the dishes. He washed every pot and pan. 
I feel pretty special.

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