Friday, February 25, 2011

finding myself somewhere in all this

What I find really funny:
Donovan climbs onto his Daddy's lap, holds his two pointer fingers together, and says, "itckle."
"He wants you to tickle him," I said.
"No, he wants you to play 'cut the pickle, tickle, tickle'", says Connor.
Have you ever heard a one and half year old laugh hysterically? When his daddy indulges him and cuts the pickle over and over again, he laughs his little head off. It is hilarious and very infectious.

What I find frustrating:
My three year old, who was potty trained right after he turned three, is no longer potty trained 6 months later. We have slid down this slippery slope of a mountain called potty training, and are resting back at the start of the trail. I am trying very hard to take the pediatrician's advice and not think of him as a three-year-old-that-should-be-potty-trained.  He is simply my unique little boy that has his own time table for things.  So I just suck it up and pretend this is normal when I pay for a box of diapers and pull-ups at the store. Baby steps, its all about baby steps. I will worry about trying to get him weaned off the fiber gummies at another time. Maybe once the summit of the mountain feels very far behind us.

What I find heartbreaking:
My first grader's nurse called me at 1:30 on Wednesday, Connor's first day back at school after a week home.  She said he was ready to come home. I had to give him a piggy-pack ride out to the van because he couldn't walk. Why oh why do kids have to become ill?  Why do they have to become so ill that they cannot walk and why oh why is there no treatment for HSP? My poor boy has been suffering from this vasculitis for over a week. He has swollen joints, bleeding in his stomach, and a pretty amazing looking rash on his lower body. If I could take his pain, and be sick for him, I would do it in a heartbeat.

What I find heartwarming:
My dear hubby picks up the slack every evening when he comes home.  And there's been a lot of slack these last few weeks. I don't know what I would do without him.

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