Monday, February 21, 2011

For once - I love Mondays!

Our world is white and fluffy, and I can hear the steady drip, drip of melting snow falling from the eaves.
I am thankful that there is no school this Monday. The temperature is in the single digits and the roads look rather icy. I am more than happy to extend our relaxing weekend into one more day. I am in my pajamas and slippers and enjoying a warm cinnamon roll (I love my new slippers! And I love that I got them for $2.50 on the clearance rack at Target). This morning, I am almost wishing I was a coffee drinker!

We've had lots of snow shoveling, snow ball making, and curling up under blanket moments these last few days. A big snow storm is a good excuse to slow down, to spend three days inside with the whole family and try to get along. I'd say we've been pretty successful, although Dean may or may not have been happy to head back to work this morning.

As my poor boy has been laid up with swollen joints, we had already stocked up on audio books, and have been enjoying them. The kids also  played a lot of the game-boy this weekend. And caught up on school work. And played card games. And had their share of 'kid coffee' since they can't handle the hot cocoa like Daddy can. And laughed and giggled with far-away cousins on Skype (I love Skype. If you have family or friends far away, you've got to get Skype).
On Monday's like today, tomorrow's worries are just that - tomorrow's worries.
Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Yummy! Warm cinnamon roll....
    dreaming about it......