Saturday, February 18, 2012

Smiling Inside

My day has been full.
Full in a way that means plenty gets accomplished, yet also that means I am content.
Full in a way that only happens when I remember to carve time out for myself, to do the things that I love.

Today, I sewed.
Today, I put my wants first.
And because of that, everything about today makes me smile.

My children had believing friends to play with. Girl scout cookies came to the door, which Brant proclaimed were "the best tasting cookies ever, they are even better than candy"!  Aubrey twirled around in the skirt I sewed her. My hubby ran all the errands.  My kids suggested I lay on the couch and rest on my newly covered pillow. My baby laughed at her Daddy and later rested her head against my shoulder. My two year old eagerly helped me do the dishes after the house was quiet and dark.

I'm still smiling inside.

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