Thursday, February 23, 2012


My oldest turned eight years old earlier this month (I know, I'm a little late).


You're growing up on me, Connor.
And I see it too.
You told me last night that you set your alarm for 7:30 and you didn't need me to wake you up for school.
You read all the bedtime stories for me if Dad isn't home and I have to nurse Elaina.
You were a star speller last week and didn't need to take the week's spelling test (except that when Friday came you forgot and took it anyway).
You help me cook dinner: peeling potatoes, cracking eggs, or browning beef.
Sometimes I look at you and see how tall you are getting and wonder how much longer till you pass me up.
You wanted a Nintendo DSi for your birthday, and you got one too.  I sometimes wonder if a digital planner would have been a better idea though, as I don't see you playing the games very much.
Although you chose sweets, pannukakku for your birthday supper and a confetti cake for your party, you are my best eater. This year you are very interested in science.
You are also very creative.

You make me smile.
You make me proud.

Don't ever hesitate to be you.
I love you just the way you are.

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