Monday, February 20, 2012

care to see what I made?

When I start getting overwhelmed by too much to do, I crave crafting or sewing time. While my hands are busy, my thoughts are not. Saturday was blissful - I got just that.
My afternoon at the sewing machine produced these.

So I'm a little late jumping on the fabric flower bandwagon. Oh well.
And actually, I thought Aubrey's skirt could use another flower or two, but goodness those flowers take forever to make!

Yet another picture of my girls.  But aren't they cute??

And I'm going to give you yet another picture of my living room.
I'm excited about my recent projects and finds, so I had to share.

First though, I kept thinking that my chairs were too low, that I needed some height in the corners of my living room. I wondered how I could achieve that...lamps? shelving?
The problem took care of itself when Russell emptied the storage shelf of his studio and gave us some paintings (the large painting on the left in the photo below is one of them).
Wall hangings were the height answer!
I almost wish I had another of the square nature art pieces so I could hang a third below my pair for a more layered look in that corner.

So now I know.  
Want height in your room? Use the wall.
Want a library feel?  Fill your end tables with books.
Want more throw pillows that match your room? Shop at Joann's.
And shop on a holiday weekend if you want to leave the store skipping.

On Friday, I hit the Red Tag Fabric section which was an additional 50% off.  I scored some Ralph Lauren home decor fabric for three dollars.  Actually, I really don't care that it's Ralph Lauren.  I love the pattern and I love that its red!
Half an hour on Saturday at the sewing machine resulted in this.

The tan actually matches my lamp shades really well.  An added bonus! I'm tempted to go back today and snatch up the rest of the fabric.  Where else could I use red fabric...?
Speaking of red...this goodwill find now resides in my living room.

I'm wondering where else I could use a wire basket and what other colors this basket might wear some day.
Alright, since I could almost call my living room 'done', I'm done boring you with pictures and posts about it. 

Next up - dining/sitting room.
It's like a clean slate in there: white curtains that need to be replaced with something colorful, sad walls that are crying for new paint, and an empty space waiting to be turned into something cozy.  

I'm getting there.  One room at a time.  
By the time I'm completely done making this house our home I will probably have to start all over again. At least it's fun.  Bring on the paint and brushes and fabrics and goodwill finds!

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  1. Ms Aubrey is a spitting image of her mom. Can't wait to see you.......