Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A new day

And so it continues: the laundry pile, the feverish kids (two of them now), the blowouts that thankfully happen over the tile floor, the hacking, and the faucet noses.

But at least this mom is feeling a little more rested (btw, Winter Services were absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed two days of visiting and services and I am so glad we went), and a lot more will get done today.

Yes, I suppose I have job security and don't have to worry about getting fired (thanks for the good laugh Briita).

You know, I have learned to tell myself that it's okay to have a bad day.
I have not learned to stop feeling guilty when the hubby walks in the door and looks around (and sometimes says "so, what'd you do all day?").
Yesterday I honestly told him that I held sick babies. And did pretty much nothing else, even when I could have.
I wish I would have held up the once half-full but now completely empty pan of brownies instead.
If that doesn't explain my day to a 't', then I don't know what will.

So yes, today is a fresh, new day.

I will be a good mom and work tirelessly.  I will rock my babies, try to catch up on housework, plan on cooking dinner, and will not complain about the amount of wet snow gear we will be tripping over in about an hour.

And when life resumes the normal pace of a healthy family, I will happily return to my works in progress.

While my projects are not what keep me going, I do know that come next week I will probably need a 'me' day of crafting or sewing to keep me sane.

No, what keeps me going is my children.  The warm little bodies against mine.  The sleepy, scratchy voice of my two year old saying "hold me, Mom".  The chubby little arm whap, whapping the bed as Elaina reaches behind her searching for me in the night.
What keeps me going is knowing that as their mom, I am irreplaceable.  I am exactly what they need right now.

My projects and a clean house can wait.


  1. that wreath thing looks tedious. LOL hope your kids feel better soon!

  2. some days as a mom can be so long and exhausting! and matt will sometimes ask me the question too-so what did you do all day-and it can be a little irritating! lol. hope the kids feel better soon. we miss you guys.