Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My joy is quiet and internal but I still might spit at you

There is a great big mirror above the sink in our hall bath.
Because our master bathroom area is under construction right now, I brush my teeth in the hall bath.

The other night, I got a good look at my belly. 
Oh my, have the twins grown these last couple weeks!

Elaina 29 months, twin pregnancy 22 weeks
I have no idea why she is eating the comb.
I have no idea how I'm ever going to get a good prego selfie.

And I guess the growth of these two babies is obvious to more than just me.
Last week at the library, a woman, another mother, came up to me and said, "oh how wonderful, you're having a spring baby!" 
I replied that I am actually due in the summer.
"Summer?!? Oh my! wonderful!" she said.

Poor lady.  I should have made her feel better by saying two were coming this summer.

Sometimes I just get tired of telling people, that "yes, really, I really am having twins, no I am not joking, yes, yes, honestly! Incredible, I know!"
I withhold the news that I'm having twins because I just don't want to deal with people's amazement/ disbelief/ incredulity.
Yes, I am still excited to meet these twins, but my joy is quiet, internal. I am in the patiently waiting stage, not the exclaiming stage. And I'm not going to share that with a complete stranger.

I'm beyond their amazement.
I am definitely feeling pregnant. With twins.

It's hard to tie my shoes after eating a big meal, I get heartburn from bending over to pick up toys off the floor, a trip to the grocery store leaves me sore and breathless, sleep is sometimes elusive, and no pants seem to fit right.

But if that is the worst of my complaints, I know I am doing pretty good.  I am thankful that I can be home, kind of doing my normal thing rather than lying in a hospital bed or on meds.

So along we plug.  Day by day.

Me - always looking forward to delivery day.
Hubby - always looking for a bigger vehicle, working on house addition plans, muddling his way through the laundry room remodel, dealing with several sub contractors to get estimates on the work we will need done, and probably wishing delivery day was farther away because it means his work load will increase before it gets a chance to decrease.

Maybe my job of pregnancy is the easier job!
I guess the next time I get comments of incredulity I will simply smile and nod and play the part of amazed yet radiant expectant mother.

Or maybe I'll spit in the perpetrator's eye. It will all depend on how much sleep I've had.

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  1. Best blog ever. Love you and keep smiling. :) Gave me my chuckle for the day. Tarja