Friday, March 28, 2014

Naming our twins

Now that we know we are expecting a boy and a girl, we can get serious about names.

I've always been the name finder, and hubby has been the voter. I read from my list, and he gives his input.
That one's okay.  
Naw, I don't like that one so much. 
[thoughtful look] I kinda like that one. 
[look of distaste] No. 

And when he does come up with names on his own...let's just say none of our kids were named that way.

24 week bump

My kids aren't much better, by the way.  My six year old suggests the names of all his friends.  My eight year old recently suggested Peter and Piper... to which her dad said "hey, if it were two boys they could be Mike and Ike!"

So yeah, discussions about baby names in the past have often ended with me throwing my hands in the air, and discussions in the present leave me shaking my head or cracking up.

But naming twins seems like a much more difficult task than naming one.  I have to come up with two, and while that's not too hard, making them go together is.

And no, we will not have a Jayda and Jaden, a Harper and Parker, or even an Olivia and Owen.
I have decided that these two will have unique, individual names, just like the rest of my children.  Because I want to recognize that they are unique individuals, even if they share a birth date.
I want to treat them as two separate beings with different needs and dreams.

Oh I'll love dressing them matchy, we'll start out with a shared crib, and I fervently hope that they will share a special bond.  But I also hope that we can nurture their individuality and not shape one around the other.

So, finding two names that go together well, yet are also unique, is my newest challenge.

I'm guessing that we'll keep our tradition of not settling on any names until we see the babies, but I've already got a boy's name I love stuck in my head.  And unfortunately, the girl's name I like starts with the same first two letters!  So it's back to the drawing board for me so Dean can vote some out.

And speaking of hubby, he didn't even get a word in edgewise about choosing matchy names.
I've just decided that it is going to be that way.
Because I'm the mom, that's why.

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