Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making perfect sense

The thing to do when you are overwhelmed with the amount of pictures waiting to be edited on your computer and the amount of paperwork you must find to finish your taxes on the computer is to blog. On the computer.  Makes perfect sense, right?

It's kind of like when I don't know whether to tackle the laundry pile or the dirty dishes so I find a muffin and go read in the sunniest chair in the house.  Makes perfect sense.
Especially when you get dizzy when you stand up, and bending over is uncomfortable (I have to justify my actions here!)  So naturally you take work everything in small doses, and add more to your already muddled plate.

Anyhow, where was I? Trying to make sense with my foggy brain?  I shouldn't even try.

Life is a whirlwind in our corner.  Don't head this way; you might get caught up in it.  And don't drink the water I've been drinking. My friends won't for fear of catching this affliction called twin pregnancy.

If only that's all I needed!
Actually, I won't call it an affliction.  I will call it a challenge.  Because I'm not used to feeling so tired, so devoid of energy, and so foggy every couple days.
I consider it a good week if everyone has had clean clothes to wear every day.  Do not come over and look too closely at my floor or our sheets.  At least not until after our new laundry room is complete.  I'm thinking a brand new washing machine will be all the motivation I need to tackle the job of washing 7 sets of bedding. I think.

Speaking of new laundry rooms...I'm super excited for mine to get finished. Errr...started. I have the washer and dryer scheduled to be installed in three weeks (on second thought, I better start washing sheets today), the boxes of ikea cabinets, sink, and light fixture sitting in the garage, and no ability to make the process move any faster.  I'd light a fire under the plumber and electrician if I thought it'd help. I guess I could go look at paint colors.  I'm thinking a deep teal blue to contrast with all the white.

That's about all I'm good at these days.  Planning. Thinking. Especially in the middle of the night.
I have a theory about insomnia.  The reason mom's get insomnia is because 3AM is the only time they have to think without noise and distraction.  It's so incredibly quiet and peaceful that your mind balks when you tell it to go back to sleep.  It enjoys the silence too much, the ability to think clearly.  Now if I could just learn to reign in all my 3AM thoughts, I might get more than the laundry done.

I did order our family photo year book!  All 100 pages of it, though I had to call and get an extension on their free extra pages deal. It came yesterday and the kids have looked at it no less than 4 times already.

It was while I was going through pictures and making our book that I realized my camera was getting dusty. I vowed to pick it up again, and had no excuse not to now that I'm not hugging the toilet bowl daily.  So I brought it along on our next library trip, and packed a picnic lunch to take advantage of the spring like weather.

I will always have lots and lots of pictures of the preschoolers. That's life I guess.
Until summer.
And this summer I will have lots and lots of newborn pictures.  I can't wait!

In the meantime, I guess it's back to taxes for me.  And 1500 wedding photos.  And bedding.
See you next month.  I hope I'll have at least remembered to brush my hair.  Makes perfect sense when we meet over the internet and nobody even sees my hair. Right?

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