Friday, February 8, 2013

6:52 A Work of Art

My favorite oldest son (I like to call him that when it's just him and me. He doesn't hear the 'oldest' part and I don't hear the 'favorite' part. We're both pleased because his love tank gets topped off. It's a win-win phrase) turned nine earlier this week.  We celebrated by hitting the slopes.  Just him and me (it was actually his dad's turn to take him, but his dad woke up sick that morning so I got to go instead. Whoot whoot!).  It was an incredibly fun day.  I'd like to say that we rocked the bunny hill!

So anyway, last night I got to thinking about my favorite oldest son.  I usually write each of my kids a yearly birthday letter and stow it away for them in their keepsake box for reading some time later.  I'm terrible about doing them on time, but this year I actually started thinking about Connor's the week of his birthday!  Okay, so no I haven't actually written it yet, but I'm closer to having it done than I was five days ago.  Closer because here is something I would like to say/write to him:

Once upon a year, you loved art, drawing mainly.  Your dad and I delighted in your hobby and your ability.  Your drawings were good. Seriously good!  I remember you would take your drawings to school for show and tell in first grade.  You would come home hurt and offended and tell me that no one believed you drew them!

Is that why you don't like drawing any more?

This year, you only like to trace.  It's almost as if all the drawing books we got for you hampered your inner creativity, set impossibly high standards.

In reality, I know that you are simply experimenting and discovering, and that different ages mean different realizations about yourself and life.
I have come to learn that you are a perfectionist.  I know that you enjoy making things, but that you like having a set of clear directions to follow, or at least the tangible example of what the finished product will look like.

I wonder if piano will now be your creative outlet.  I will be sad if and when you move on.  Just as I was sad to see your love for drawing fade away.

But that's okay.  I want you to know yourself.  I want you to be happy being yourself.

6:52 Work of Art
While I'm sure that much of this self-portrait was copied from his teacher's instructions on how to draw a face, and that much of the words he used to describe himself were words that his peers were using, I still love it.  I recognize that jersey he was wearing.  It's his favorite.  I love his 8 year-old sense of self. 

You are my favorite oldest son and I love seeing what new things grab your interest.
I love seeing you discover, little by little, who you are.

On a bit of a different note, keep on blog hopping for our Project 52!  Visit Leann to see her work of art.

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