Friday, February 1, 2013

5:52 B&W

When I passed by this old tree, I stopped dead in my tracks.  I lifted my camera and maneuvered around a bit, stepping off the trail this way and that, until the amazing lines of the sculpted rock were behind the twisted arms of the tree.

5:52 Black and White

I like how the weak winter sun is highlighting this magnificent tree.  I didn't touch it, but I imagine that the longest branch is worn smooth while the shortest ones are roughened by the elements of weather and time. Yet it is there, graceful and distinct.

I would be very curious to know the age of the tree. And the rock; is it eons older? What storms have they weathered?  What cataclysmic changes?

I think the tree must be very well rooted to still be standing so strong.  
I want to be like the tree.

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  1. I think texture and black and white go hand-in-hand. Great photo!

  2. Love the textures! Like you, I view everything I see as a photographic opportunity!

  3. Texture certainly does it! Great photo!