Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I shouldn't stay home so much.
Because I sit and stare at my bare walls and ponder what to do with them.  That's as far as I get.  Ideas.  
Yesterday I actually pulled out my box of pictures and wall hangings, and decided what should be hung in the living room.  I laid them on the floor trying to work them into an arrangement for my wall.  I realized that I have a lot of green in my portraits and frame mats. Then I went to bed.  Then I propped them against the wall behind the chair.  
Today I decided to think about wall colors instead. 
Have you ever used Sherwin-Williams Paint Visualizer?
This is way too fun.
Color ideas for my living room:

Blue/gray, red, or brown?  Help!!?

Perhaps I just need to get a rug in there first. 
I like these.
Charm Floral Rug (8'9 x 12'3)40A 40A    

The problem is that I'm too cheap to go and buy one new. I keep checking clearance racks and craigslist, meaning it might take a while to find the rug I want.

No rug, no paint, nothing hung on my walls.
See my problem?  
Actually I will blame my indecision and procrastination on the fact that I have a two month old baby which equates to very little free time for projects. 

Its okay, I'm moving on to my kitchen!  I will share my renovation ideas for that room next. Oh, I have a lot of ideas!
Will anything ever get done around here? 

Oh, and feel free to shout out your favorite color scheme for my living room, sans a rug anyway.


  1. Never tried that! I am always taking forever to decide on colors!! Now that we are renting, won't have to worry about it, but when we get back into our house, or in a different one will have to remember this! I like the first color set:)

  2. i agree! like the blue/gray. can't wait to get into a place of our own again and actually be allowed to pick paint colors. that visualizer is a great tool!

  3. Blue/gray or burgundy :)
    My walls are always bare every where I've lived. Lol. I'm really bad about the decorating stuff.

  4. and the thing about having a baby is when you sit down to nurse all I do is stare at the wall/mess and it drives me nuts! i decided i should always have something to read.

  5. I looked at the first one and said "ooooh!" Then scrolled down to the second one and did another "ooooh!" Do you see a pattern there? The third did the same for me. If I'm voting ... I go with the first wall color and the second rug. Then add some red/burgundy throw pillows on the couch along with a colorful throw. Next add a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa and an awesome read!