Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I just realized that I never shared this...

This little girl is growing fast.  Way too fast.  I look forward to next weeks check-up just so I can marvel with the pediatrician at how much weight she has gained in two months.  We are very thankful for a healthy, happy baby.

Today I should have been baking for Thanksgiving dinner so that I don't have to spend my entire birthday tomorrow in the kitchen.  I also should have been doing laundry. 
I should have, but I didn't.  
Instead I guess I was celebrating early - I sat in the sunniest chair in the living room and ate cinnamon rolls. Then the kids and I headed outside for a nature walk and pine cone hunt. We are going to glitter the cones and make garlands. Fun!!

Christmas cards have been on the back of my mind for two weeks now.  Having lined up all our clothes twice and never getting the chance to take pictures, I've started to wonder if I will get a picture for cards this year.
On an impulse, I sat the kids down in the middle of the trail and snapped 5 pictures on our walk today.
Let me paint a picture for you - one child is wearing a huge puffer jacket. Another has very faded knees in his jeans.  Yet another has blue paint on the side of his forehead. Elaina is barely visible, all wrapped up in a blanket. Nothing matches or is coordinated.
But lo and behold, I love the pictures!  Every imperfect, authentic, candid detail about them.
Perhaps one (or three) will make it onto my Christmas card.

Considering the typical family Christmas photo shoot and last year's in particular, all I can say is...
That was way too easy!

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  1. Keilah I happen to love those kind of photos myself. Im sure your Christmas card photo will be perfect:) Have a wonderful birthday and Thanksgiving!