Monday, August 8, 2011

Will you miss it?

Our summer is almost over - school starts in ten days.  To me summer means sunny, carefree days.
Wait!? There's only ten days left of summer?!  But we haven't had enough sunny, carefree days!

All these rainy, gray days we've had the last few weeks are good for our parched earth, but bad for my mood.  So when we finally had a full day of clear blue skies and sunshine at the end of last week, I jumped for joy.  Well, maybe I just sat and soaked up the sun.  The kids did all the rolling, flipping, and jumping for joy for me.

I love that summer is green grass and bare, tan feet...

picnics at the park, views that never get old (at least if you live in Flagstaff)...

hot slides, yellow wildflowers, and sun-kissed faces

...yes I will miss summer. 


  1. beautiful!
    yes, i will miss summer as well.
    miss you all! :)

  2. Ours is fast disappearing as well. School starts next week. It has been a busy one as usual ... and if all goes well, we will have the pleasure of two summers this year!