Friday, August 19, 2011

Doing not Thinking

run the kids to school
stop at the grocery store
drop form off at district office
marinate chicken for tomorrow's lunch
meet the loan officers (bring something to occupy the boys)
determine if the pest inspection means termite inspection
call about home insurance
call the dentist about Aubrey's chipped tooth
early release today - pick up kids at 12:25

Whew, it feels better to write it all down so I can imprint it in my brain.
Did I miss anything?  
I'm a list person. That's my morning list.  I'll worry about the afternoon list later.

Perhaps busy mothers are a hazard on the road.  While driving this morning, I saw somebody walking on the side of the road and was brought back to my days working for American Red Cross. For some reason I was remembering crisp button-up sleeveless tops and black capris with strappy sandals.  And shopping for work attire. And the air conditioned office.  And the rows and rows of files that I made sense of.  And the sense of freedom during lunch break. And dressing up as a nurse to walk in the parade with Erica. And before I knew it, I had driven half a mile with no recollection of driving it.

Right now I am wearing crocs, faded capris, and the orange fingerprints left by my son's cheeto-y hands.  
I have bills around me, waiting to be filed, and a bag of toys and snacks to pack before I head to our appointment with the loan officers.  

I am in autopilot mode; I am doing, not thinking.
These thoughts just bring a smile.
Thats all.

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