Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Photoshop Elements Post

- because I was so excited about my discovery: clipping or grouping.  I knew how to merge layers in Photoshop, I never knew how to clip them. In case that means nothing to you, let me just tell you that it has enabled me to create my own stroyboard template! After doing a couple family portrait photo shoots this fall, I was looking around for a good storyboard template.  All I could find as a free download was this basic, four photo template.
our family's photo-shoot October 2009
And while this is all well and good, it's typical that I have multiple poses I want to show, or many fun shots from a trip.  I needed a bigger storyboard.  Yesterday, while learning some digital scrapbooking tricks, I realized I could apply the clipping method to a storyboard.  All I needed was a shape, and I could clip a photo to it without having to try crop the photos to just the right size. 
family trip to San Diego, CA 

It will be fun to create more templates! 
I'm off to play some more (and I now admit to being a photoshop nerd!)


  1. I would love to learn the art of creating my own storybook! What program do you use? Did your computer come with it? And what is clipping?
    About a month ago i was trying to get 7 photos arranged into one large photo... after an hour i walked away in frustration and crabbiness!
    Help me my sister! Help me! :)

  2. I use photoshop elements. What program do you have? Clipping only works with different layers, like you have in PSE. When you clip two layers, you are grouping them together. So the picture that you clip to the shape will not exceed the boundaries of that shape. But you can still move around the photo and change its size to best fit the shape. It keeps everything uniform. If you have PSE, you can have my template, but it won't work in another program.