Monday, April 27, 2015


I am out of touch with a lot of things this year.  
Our kids' progress in piano lessons is one of them, because I no longer see the teacher each week. Dean does the pick-up (and forgets to relay her comments to me).

Last fall, we questioned whether or not we would do piano lessons this year (they run on the same schedule as the school year).  We started with a "we'll see how it goes and quit if it's too much" thought.  Many times I said it was time to quit, but here we are with one month of lessons left!

Our oldest three are in lessons.  They have two recitals a year.  Last week was one of them.

Two days before the recital, the kids told me that they were playing a trio.  
"What?! But you haven't been practicing!!" I said. At least not at home.

I heard them practice twice.

But they pretty much nailed it!

And so we continue to fly by the seats of our pants around here.
Somehow, it all works out in the end.

But's still a good idea to practice and prepare before you perform!

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  1. How priceless is that! Keep plugging ... it's well worth it. :)