Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oh Babies!

I want the twins to stay 9 months old forever.  They have the sweetest, fullest cheeks, the most adorable little giggles, and the cutest babble.  They both have this thing with fake laughing.  If you get them going, pretty soon it turns into real laughter. Cutest thing ever!

I think all moms feel this way at some point. Or three.
I, for one, feel like I'm a little less sleep deprived now (it only took 9 months!) and able to really enjoy them.
It's not that I don't want them to ever grow up, it's just that I want to freeze time and savor this moment because I know how fleeting it is.

With five other children, I especially appreciate the babies.  They have an innocence that is so refreshing.  It's not that I have naughty or terrible older children. On the contrary, I think they're pretty great kids. It's just that raising children involves all kinds of tough decisions and hard moments.  But the babies? Oh, the babies! They smile and hold out their arms for you and love you no matter how often you mess up.  They look up to you for every single need they have, yes, but their sweetness pays for it tenfold.  It's an incredibly fulfilling job.

With babies, every day is fresh and full of potential for learning and exploring.
They don't remember yesterday and it's hardships.  They simply enjoy the present.

They teach me what unconditional love is.  They teach me how to live for the moment.
Every toothless grin and each little cuddle and every single giggle they give makes my heart sing.
I get to be their mama!  I'm so lucky and so blessed to be their mom!

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