Monday, March 23, 2015

Peg Dolls

When my kids got bored on the first day of Spring Break, I pulled out a craft for them, hoping it would entertain them for a little while at least.  
It ended up occupying them for hours!

I bought 5 wooden peg dolls. I gave the kids fabric, glue, and markers. And they got busy.

Donovan wanted Batman, so I helped him with that one. The rest pretty much came up with, and created their peg dolls all on their own. I was impressed with their creativity and attentiveness to detail.

After their dolls were finished, they played outside with them for quite some time. They would create an imaginary world in which each person's peg doll could play a part. Ninjas, a superhero, a dragon, and a magic girl all came together in one big story line (Harry Potter may have been a central theme as three of the kids have started reading the series).

Then I found a few placed on their bed posts. I guess their dolls will be the night guardians and fight off bad dreams. :)

The kids want more peg dolls.  I do believe I will be picking up some more.  Anything that gets their creative and imaginative juices flowing is a good thing!  Besides, it's fun to watch them create.

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