Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm Loretta

I'm sure you know me.  I'm Loretta.  You can call me Retta Bean. Everyone else does.

I have a brother, Graham.  He's my twin and I think his name should be Jumping Bean.
Oh, that's his foot right there. He's always trying to kick me in the face.

I'm pretty used to his shenanigans, and he doesn't faze me.
After all, I did spend nine cozy months with him in the same womb.
3 month photo shoot

My mom likes to say that we take turns being chill, but I'm chill! So long as things are going my way.
My mom also says my smiles make her day, so I save my best ones for her.

I like to talk, sing, and holler. I'm pretty good at conversing with my older siblings.
  I try to strike up conversations with my twin brother quite often, but he's not the chatty type, 
and I end up doing all the talking. 
We're kind of like my Mom and Dad!

our 5 month picture

Speaking of my Mom and Dad, I have the best spot in the house when it comes to sleeping.
Yep, you guessed it! Right between the two of them!

I'm five months old now, but I've been rolling over and rocking tummy time for a couple months.
Actually, these pictures are a couple months old. We weren't all that coordinated back then.

Take, for example, Graham in this picture.

Yeah, coordination is not his middle name!
He's always getting himself into scrapes.  And it looks like this time, he involved me!
"Mom, could you get my brother's bottom out of my face?"

"Mom, are you there???"

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