Friday, September 6, 2013

36:52 The Golden Hour

I never thought about how fast I run...until my neighbor told me she was a slow runner.  Then I started wondering where I fall.
Then we made a family trip to Buffalo Park and I had to run with my brother and my husband while my kids biked.

Now I know that I am a slow runner. 

Not only do I hold everyone up with my slow pace, I stop often to catch my breath take pictures.

Like seriously, how can you not try to capture this kind of beauty at sunset?

36:52 The Golden Hour

We saw this person paragliding off Mount Eldon and down into Buffalo Park.  I must say that I was enchanted. 

Ten minutes later though, the sky started turning yellow and orange.

I had the better show after all, put on by mother nature herself as the sun set the sky on fire before dipping out of sight.

And, I got to see it with my kids. 

It was a perfect evening.

I'm linking up to Maaret this month, so head her way to see her golden hour.

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