Friday, August 30, 2013

35:52 Our table at mealtime

Ahh, the family table at meal times.
Is yours like mine?

Our table at mealtime is not a lot of things.
It is not...
One: Beautiful.  We often eat off of mismatched dinnerware. And I don't have time to wonder if food tastes better when it's presented well.
Two: Quiet.  Five kids in our house means noise, especially at the table.
Three: Orderly.  I usually forget to grab either the milk, our glasses, an extra fork, or the paper towels. And I have not yet learned the trick to keeping my kids' bottoms on their seats without the use of rope.

our table at mealtimes is a lot of other things.
One: Beautiful. We are all together.  And that is more beautiful than anything I could set the table with.
Two: Joyous. The noise is a wonderful thing. I hear all about the school day, new friends, and what everyone is looking forward to.
Three: Significant.  The table is our gathering place - where all the beauty, chaos, and joy of our family unfolds.

35:52 The table at mealtime
It's who gathers here that is most important.
Lets see what Leann's table looks like at mealtime.

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