Friday, August 16, 2013

33:52 Inspiring

This one made me think.
What inspires me?

I find people inspiring.  Other's actions and art often inspire me to be creative or act a certain way.  That doesn't seem tangible enough to photograph though.

I find nature inspiring.  The beauty that surrounds me often directly affects my mood.  I like absorbing the tranquility of nature, the vividness of it.

I find my children inspiring.  I delight in discovering their personalities - seeing their stubborn streaks and their gentle spirits shine through.  I enjoy watching them grow up and see the people they are becoming.


Children are wonderfully adaptive, positive, and persistent beings.
Take this girl for instance, my oldest daughter.
She picked up the oars and paddled our kayak shortly after I took this picture.  She brought us from one side of the reservoir to the other, awkwardly dipping the oars deep in the water, struggling to keep us on a straight path. After a while, she gave a dramatic sigh and slumped her shoulders. I thought she was going to give up, especially seeing as how I was videoing it all and laughing hysterically rather than helping her; but then she picked up the oars and kept at it.  
She persevered.

She inspires me.

Let's go see what inspires the very creative and talented able mabel.

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