Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pretty Proud of my Little (Signing) Lady

I don't know who gets more excited when Elaina learns a new sign, her or me.

Seriously, I can see the pride in her smile and hear it in her high chair babble.
Because that is where signs have come in the most handy - at mealtimes.

So bear with me here if you've heard all this from me before, because I'm going to do it again.  

Signing is the simplest way to connect with your child, empower them, and reduce frustration.  With my picky eaters, meal time can be a bit of a challenge.  That's why I'm beyond excited that Elaina has learned two new food signs.  Actually, that's not why I'm excited.  I simply adore her and believe she's a clever little thing.  I'm quite proud of her!  You'll forgive me for my short moment of bragging, won't you?

In case you're interested, the sign for strawberry is made by making the "f" sign (for fruit), placing the pinched 
thumb and pointer finger on the corner of your mouth, and twisting the sign back and forth.
Banana is signed by holding up the pointer finger of one hand and doing a peeling motion 
with the thumb and pointer of the other hand. 

She can already sign "eat", "more", and "drink" but getting into the nitty gritty of what she'd like is pretty exciting stuff!  We've been in a kind of signing lull, and now I'm hoping this success will keep us energized to learn more.
I encourage any of you with little ones to try signing!  Just try it!

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