Friday, January 18, 2013

3:52 Something Old

Something Old...
I wracked my brain for this one.
Should I photograph my great aunt's china set?  A twisted old tree?  A classic car?  The Grand Canyon? (I would have liked to go there and photograph it!) My grandmother's hands? (I wish she lived closer so I could do that one!)

I've been kind of home bound this week.  And when I did venture out, I saw evidence of winter not age.
So while this photo is not what I immediately thought to capture, at least it is something.

3:52 Something Old

I drive by this old steam engine almost daily.  It sits in the front of the Pioneer Museum and is the landmark my youngest kids look for to know we are almost home. :)

Continue around the circle to see some more old things.  I'm going to do the same!


  1. I've passed by this old locomotive many a time, too, and have yet to stop! perhaps you've inspired me! great picture!

  2. Is it open to run around inside? Imagine the stories this locomotive could tell ....

  3. I think this is the same one we have stopped at and the kids had a ball pretending to be driving a train. But it looks like it is gated off now? So can you get in this one?

    1. You can climb the steps and go inside, but you are supposed to pay the museum admission to do that. :)