Friday, January 11, 2013

2:52 In Your Face!

Okay, so maybe our theme this week is not 'in your face', but that's how I chose to interpret it.

I thought that 'getting really close' would be a challenge for me, as my camera's manual focus setting is digital and very difficult to use.  But then I re-discovered the super-macro setting on my camera! And Hola, clear images straight out of camera!

2:52 Getting Really Close

I can't decide which picture I like more.  I'm delighted that I can see how fuzzy and in need of a cleaning my sewing machine is.  But I also love the textures and dimension of the football shot.  I'd like it blown up to poster size!
Which picture is your favorite?

And before you start thinking that these two images are as opposite as can be, let me tell you that they both represent activities that I consider to be fun.
I bet you can't guess which activity was my middle school fave and which is my current hobby!

Actually, truth be told, I still love a game of good old two hand touch.  I look forward to the day when all the kids are old enough to learn to throw a spiral and play the game.

And I have a fun surprise for you - our 52 photos project blog circle has grown!  Hop on over to Marcy today to see her weekly photo and visit the rest of the blogs while you're at it.


  1. the football shot is really COOL!
    would be neat blown up big on a canvas for a boys room!

  2. Funny, since I spent most of last week sewing, I almost took the exact shot!! That football would look really cool in your boys room.

  3. Have to say the sewing shot it my favorite.... but I've never been a huge football fan. :)

  4. love the football! gotta try and find a super macro setting

  5. Haven't been a football fan since high school and my sewing machine is now out on a table 24/7 .... but I love both of them and you did a great job with the football! I have to find the instruction manual for my camera and see what I can do about macros.

  6. love the close up of the football! I could totally see it hanging in a boy's room!