Friday, November 2, 2012

When I Hike the Grand Canyon

Tonight my love is sleeping at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
In a two person backpacking tent. 
Without me.

Ah, but I hope he is having a good time.  And that he's safe and not too sore.

I am good here at home.  I'm good staying behind and holding down the fort.  

Because before he left, I tried on his pack.  And I about died.  At the thought of carrying that thing ten miles down the Canyon and what must feel like 50 miles back up again.  

As we don't own a scale, I have no idea how heavy it was.  Lets just say that it was heavy enough to make me certain that my legs would be limp noodles after only an hour of hiking if it were mine.

I think if, I mean when, I hike the Grand Canyon, we'll be making reservations to stay in a cabin at Phantom Ranch.  I have a bad ankle after all, I couldn't risk carrying a heavy pack.  And I'm a slight build, I couldn't possibly carry something that is half my weight without seriously injuring myself.  I'm used to carrying babies around on my hip, not something three times that weight on my back!

Makes sense, right? Are you with me?  I'm not acting like a pampered princess, am I?  :) 
Maybe don't answer that.  
Instead, enjoy these pics from one of Dean's previous Grand Canyon trips.
I'll be sure to tell you all about it when it's my turn to go and I get carried down the Canyon on a mule.
(Hey!  Now that's an idea!)

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