Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful People are Happy

The best kind of weekend is the one where I'm surrounded by my own little family.  When my hubby's at the kitchen table studying, the kids are at the counter sipping hot chocolate, and I'm pulling cookies out of the oven.  Oh, and classical music is playing while snow is falling gently outside, powdering the ground.

Okay, okay, I admit that these kinds of weekends are rather storybook.  And they are rare for us.  I mean how often do we get snow, and how often are Dean and I not feeling pressured to get this or that done, and how often do five kids coexist peacefully for an entire Saturday at home!?

Yet storybook our weekend was.  And it was a welcome respite after a week of sick kids and a month of busy weekends. I couldn't help but pull out my camera every few minutes and try to capture what I was feeling.  How does one photograph contentment? Happiness?  Better yet, how does one bottle it up for the less than perfect days that life doles out? 

I did try to capture my beautiful day.  And these images might as well be bottled for the feelings they bring me when I look at them.
This is my family.  This is my life. 

For this I am thankful.

I came across a quote today that makes me wonder if I just might have it all backward.  I was feeling content and oh so happy with my life.  The happiness led me to pick up my camera.  Seeing the images made me realize how blessed I am.  
Should I not be thankful every single day, whether it is a perfect day or not?  Will being more thankful lead to more happiness?

This month, I will work to be more thankful.

 It is not happy people 
who are thankful.
It is thankful people 
who are happy.

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  1. You are truly blessed. It looks like one of those weekends where your heart just sings and your voice wants to take off on wings of flight.