Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Birthday

I have a bunch of things I want to post about, oodles of pictures to share, and not a whole lot of desire to sit here on the computer.

But the one thing that keeps popping into my mind is my birthday (it was on Black Friday).
And the fact that my hubby baked. me. a. cake.
Yes, he baked me my favorite cake - a Texas Sheet Cake!

While I was out for a hike and lunch with a few friends, he was baking.  Dean, the guy who enters the kitchen only after a meal is done. The guy who claims to only know how to cook breakfast foods.  The guy who usually picks up an apple pie or cheesecake from the store every couple years for my birthday.

And the fact that he planned a party for me, invited my friends, and saw to everything...lets just say I felt very spoiled.  I still do actually. I am blessed with wonderful friends and family.

That sure beat the typical day of mothering and housekeeping.  I could go for a few more birthdays landing on Black Friday.  Since that is one of Dean's work Holiday's, I get to run around by myself. And it keeps me from seriously considering the ads. ;)

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