Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The pre-schoolers have lunch

She thinks she's bigger than her 10 months.  She crawls right on up and joins them at the table.  
He tries to feed her dried carrot apple bites.  
In payback, she swipes his sandwich and cracker when he's not looking.

He looks like he could use a nap.  Heaven forbid he misses out on any action though!  
He'd rather fight the drowsiness.  His sister takes after him.

All three of their little bodies fit on one side of our little table.  I want to scoop all three up into a bear hug.
I refrain for the time being and take pictures instead.
He places a protective hand on her leg when I warn her not to wiggle and fall off the bench.  
It's not long till he himself is wiggling out of his place and on to the next thing.  His brother follows.

I wonder if she's thinking "Hey! Where'd they all go?"
Or perhaps she sighs inwardly, "Darn, I can't keep up!"
Or maybe it's both, followed by "You're still here, mom. Now what?"

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  1. I often think about how exciting everyday is for babys and preschoolers.... so exciting that they don't want to take a nap! susie