Thursday, August 23, 2012

project update

I really haven't meant to stay away so long.  I have been meaning to get a couple summer posts up, but here it is already the second week of school.  As for this week, I'm a whirlwind. I have a signing class in half an hour, another class tomorrow morning (crazy, I know, I'm not usually so busy), I send the boys and hubby off to camp, then a few of my girl friends are coming for the weekend. Yahoo! I can't wait.

I'm squeaking this post in because I am thrilled with my recent home decor project.
Remember my bolt of fabric?
The majority of it is now hanging in my dining room.

I worked for an hour or two (or three) a day on these curtains for the first half of this week, and was getting impatient to get them hung.  I love walking in the room now and admiring my handiwork. It took a lot of work to get to this point! I had to convince the hubby that this room needed some softness - in the form of curtains of course, take down the old rod and curtains, patch the holes, paint, hang the new rods, exchange the hooks I bought because they didn't work with my curtains, sew tabs onto the back of my already done curtain tops, make the second panel for the other get the point, and I still have another window in this room to figure out. And some matchstick blinds to hang.  
Basically, these took a lot longer than I thought they would, and they're still not even done (I need to hem the bottoms).

But I love them!  So I guess it was is worth it.  
However, I will not be doing any more windows any time soon.  
I've got other ideas brewing in my head (I do believe I have some pretty strong genes passed on from my maternal grandparents - oh how I miss you Mummu and Pappa!)
I think my baby, who never stays still, has the same gene.  :)

Hopefully I'll get these curtains finished up next week so I can share my other furnishing project with you, and so I can continue working on my other sewing project, and so I can start Elaina's baby quilt that I'm supposed to have done by the time she's one (in less than six weeks) if I'm going to keep up with tradition. 

It's no wonder I haven't been blogging!  I'm having too much fun playing!

Now if only all these projects would finish themselves. Either that or the laundry and meal making happen on their own.

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