Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fabric and Color

Eeeee!!!  Happy dance, happy dance!  Check out my recent purchase.

So maybe it's just fabric to most of you, but let me tell you that this bolt is long awaited.
As in almost a whole year of bare windows kind of waiting.

I have lots of ideas for my dining room, but without lots of cash, my ideas don't often come to fruition.  And without lots of spare time and energy, my ideas take a looong time to come to fruition.
I decided that I wanted blues and greens in my dining/family room.  I decided that I wanted fabric for color and softness.  Every time I was out shopping, I would look at curtains and every time I was at Joann's I would look at their fabrics, but nothing popped up in my price range. At least nothing that I loved.  There were a couple options at Joann's, but the $40/yd price tag left me simply fingering the fabrics then walking on.
Until the founder's sale at the beginning of August.
I came home with 9 yards of the fabric that I had been eyeing for months, and I got it for about $10/yd!
It has my colors, and it has some texture.  A sure improvement over the simple burlap that I considered.

Now that I have my fabric, I can finally choose a color for my accent wall.

Man this is hard, I like them all!  And now that my paint is bought, I must stop second guessing my decision.

Okay, now that some of my ideas are turning into actual tangible items, I could use some spare time as well as energy to finish them off.  I've got a wall to paint (was supposed to be done tonight, but hubby's sick in bed), rods to install, curtains to sew, and blinds to hang.
Well,  what's the rush anyway?  The fabric has only been sitting on my bedroom floor for two weeks now.
And my sewing machine isn't going anywhere.
But darn it, I want to be sitting at it!