Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Magnet Boards for Travelling

Tomorrow we are headed out on a 7 1/2 hour drive.
I can't wait!
To get to California, I mean, not spend that many hours in the car with the baby.

Last summer's road trip was no sweat.  My 'baby' was two and easily entertained.  This year we are not going nearly as far, and will probably take just as long to get there, thanks to the new boss, Queen Elaina (I'm trying not to dread the drive).

Besides stocking up on sweet puffs, cheerios, and sippy cups, I have a couple other surprises in my bag for the big kids.
When I start hearing arguments and too many "are we there yet?"s, I will pull out these magnet boards I made (idea from Kelle's blog).

These should be fun inspiration for making up stories, or simply arranging and re-arranging.
I also found a pack of magnetic letters and a pack of numbers.

I can already picture Brant organizing the letters alphabetically and Connor and Aubrey creating math problems for each other.

These were super easy to make, requiring only adhesive magnetic sheets ($3), photos or pictures, magnetic letters and numbers ($1.27 each), and cookie sheets ($1.97 each).

I'm hoping this $10 project will provide hours of entertainment on our trip.
Okay, realistically I'm hoping for an hour.  That leaves 6 1/2 to fill.

I'm off to the library to find some books and DVD's the kids haven't seen, because we can only play "I Spy" and the alphabet game so many times.

What are your 'travelling with kids' tips and tricks?


  1. Lots of snacks. It's amazing at how much food my kids can consume in the car while driving!

    1. I know! Then you wonder why everybody is eating half portions at lunch. lol! I just made the snack run, and I'm sure I bought way too many snacks. Variety is the name of our game.

  2. What a cute idea! Have a fun vacation! We got home about 6 hours ago. Almost suggested stopping to have a cup of coffee with you as we drove by, but 1:00 a.m. coffee visits sounded a little ridiculous ... even to me. :)