Monday, July 23, 2012

Did you know...

that in the state of California, after a car accident, all car seats must be replaced? Even if it's just a rear-ending accident.
I guess I'll be getting all new car seats, courtesy of the insurance company of the guy in the silver BMW.  They were probably 'expired' anyway (does anyone else think that's just a manufacturer gimmick to increase sales?).

Did you know...
that if your toddler has an item stuck in his or her nose and cannot blow it out himself, you can do it for him? (And if it's a tictac up there, just wait for it to disintegrate a little and it will come out on its own.)

I paid $25 for this little tip, but I'm more than happy to share it with you.
One morning while at the library, unbeknownst to me, Brant stuck a bead the length of my fingernail up Donovan's nose (Don't ask. My answer will be that they are 4 and 2 years old). Seven hours later, and 12 hours before we were supposed to arise early and leave for a week long vacation, Donovan came to me and said "It hurts. In my nose."
Not knowing what the heck was in there, I pulled out a penlight. A purple bead, it looked like.
After an hour of begging him to blow his nose, demonstrating how its done, and trying to suction the bead out with the baby's syringe, I gave up and turned him over to my husband, who was just walking in the door. He tried it all over again for another hour, this time adding the vacuum into the mix. (Don't ask. My answer will be that it was 7pm and my hubby dreads ER visits).
Knowing we were running out of time, and most likely irritating the heck out of Donovan's mucus membranes, I decided to bring him to the urgent care.
And here is the handy tip the kind Doctor taught me:
-have someone place a finger over the unobstructed nostril
-place your mouth over your child's entire mouth and blow hard
-if it doesn't work with your child lying down, have him sit up

To quote the kind Doctor - "It almost always works."

Try it next time your little guy sticks something up his nose.  And don't come to me if he sticks the object in his ear, because I've yet to experience that one.

Did you know...
that if you plan on working the weekend in the camp kitchen with a fun group of kitchen and camp staff, you'll laugh yourself silly till way too late each night and be too tired to function on Monday, so you might as well mark that day off on your calendar as well.

Today is Monday, so don't expect much from me.  But you better bet that I'll be going back to work in the kitchen again. And looking forward to it at that.


  1. what some good advice, I was really paying for it today at work..I was trying hard to stay awake...:) Denise

  2. Hmmm. Good to know. Not the beads or tic tacs up the nose, but the fact that I should probably block out the Monday after the fall Youth Days off my calendar. :)