Monday, July 30, 2012


I don't know if I just got lucky or what, but my kids love getting their pictures taken.
They cooperate, at least, and smile while doing it.

By the end of last week, I was ready to sell my kids to the zoo.  On the days I wasn't overtired and cranky, my kids were, making me just a bit cranky.  
So we got out of the house and didn't pull back into our driveway until the little ones were already asleep.  We picked up take-out one day and met Daddy at the park for a picnic.  
The next day, we headed out to take pictures; because, believe it our not, this is a fun outing, not a hair-pulling one.

I was pleased that I got new pictures for each of the frames in my hallway. We got oodles more that I'm tempted to frame and place all over the house.

It's when I look at these pictures that I realize what beautiful children I have and how blessed I really am.  Yes, we all get cranky. Yes, I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel (as if I really have that option!).
But really... I have some great kids, and I believe this with my very core.

These smiling faces ease any frustration I'm feeling when I look at them.  
These angelic smirks and innocent faces make me ache. Ache deep.

They make me smile inside and they make me chuckle out loud.
Is this phase of parenting really so fleeting?  Please tell me it's not!

I don't want to give up the chubby fingers, inquisitive minds, mischievous smiles, exuberant energy, and ready smiles that I'm so lucky to have. If snapping pictures is the only way to freeze time, then I need to do so more often.


  1. Great photos! The kids and I occasionally will sit down and look at older picture albums. We'll reminisce and escape back into those memories.

  2. Keep on snapping ... I'm still thoroughly enjoying it and even find that I have available and willing subjects sometimes!

  3. adorable pictures! yes, photography has been a life, as well as sanity, saver for me! it enables you to freeze those memories that you might have missed otherwise.

  4. You are indeed blessed. They are all so darling !