Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Color me happy

I think I still have spring fever.  It is still spring isn't it??
Because I'm loving color. Loving bright pink, green, and blue colors.

Please excuse the foot and the dirty sock in the top of the picture.
Oh, you didn't notice? then pretend I didn't point out the photo's flaws.
Over the last weekend, we got our color on and painted the girls' room,
painted it "tide pools"(the walls) and "berry pink"(the nightstand) and "cool jazz"(the nightstand drawer).

I thought I'd replace the knob with something more fun. Something bling-y and glass and pink.

Do you ever wonder who gets to name the colors of paint?  Does one person get to name all the colors of a brand, as in like, all 300 hundred of them!?  When would a person start running out of ideas?

It must be a female.

Case in point: If you asked me the color scheme in the girls' room, I'd say it is teal, raspberry, and peach.
If you asked Dean, he'd say blue, pink, and orange.

Decorating the girls' room is becoming a lot of fun.
I have a raspberry pink framed cork board to hang by their door, matching letter hooks to hang below it, and six yards of fabric to start cutting into large squares to sew into two quilts.

I know, I know, I must be crazy to think I can sew up two quilts any time soon.  It's that fever I tell you.  That spring fever is coloring me crazy.


  1. love the bright colors! I can't wait to decorate my new house, this looks like so much fun!