Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mr. Golden Sun

With skies like this...

I can't resist lazing in the sun in my slippers, soaking it all up.
Beside me, I hear Donovan saying "nice doggy, nice doggy. Do you want to pet my doggy, Mom?" 
It almost makes me feel bad about not being an animal person.  But I guess there's no harm in pretending your brother is your doggy, and no harm in cuddling up to him instead of a furry pet.

We lay on the tramp long enough for me to conclude that the laundry doesn't need to get done today after all. Long enough for me to think that tomorrow comes soon enough regarding the house work. Long enough for me to wonder if perhaps I should roll up my pant legs and long enough for me to start worrying about Elaina's fair skin, making my run inside for her hat.

The sun warmed me long enough that I didn't care when the boys took over the watering - which inevitably turned into clothes-soaking, even if I protested that it wasn't hot enough for that.

The sun is fierce up here.
If only I could draw the strength from it that a solar panel does and store it up - so that when the boys are crying and Elaina is clinging and supper needs to be made and the homework needs to be completed and the legos are underfoot - I could pull energy from that source to keep me going, thriving, and help me to bloom rather than wilt.

On second thought, my skin does still feel warm.  I think I'll go put a load to spin and think about supper.

Ahh, Spring! 


  1. Glad you enjoyed a moment in the sun with the kids. :)

  2. pretty pictures!

  3. looks relaxing over there! :)

  4. hmph, maybe too relaxing Jessica. I need to drum up some energy to do some painting and closet organizing.