Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We've been home for 36 hours. Home from our week long vacation, and besides the pictures and memories, it seems like we never even left. The household chores loom the minute you step foot in the door.  Namely because everybody needs something clean to wear and because the inside of the vehicle looks disastrous.

So while I attacked  the pile of mail, loaded the washer, emptied the van, and paid the bills, my kids were happily adjusting to the slow and happy life of home sweet home. Or not.
After hearing the twentieth "There's nothing to do," and "I'm bored", I pulled out the pile of trash.

Actually, it was recycle bin material, aka junkyard forts or towers of trash.

For a couple hours, they constructed and built and cut and messed. And I dreamed of another week of vacation.
While I do prefer our own bed and shower, I easily could have kept travelling.  Except for the overtired toddlers and the issue of money, I would have loved to stop at all the National Parks and cool spots on our way back home. We passed about three that looked interesting, and I could have found plenty more.  Salt Lake City was begging us to linger, and the green and mountainous scenery of Utah was bound to hold some awesome camping.

If only travelling with kids was a little bit easier.

Pictures of some of our trip to come...

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  1. welcome back! unpacking and getting reorganized can be such an overwhelming chore. will let you know about aug soon but since we are going to minnesota, i am thinking it will be more like a Fall trip (after you have the baby?) miss you guys!! Henry loves the pics from aubrey and brant. XX