Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Not a Big Deal

I have a business appointment tomorrow about a future class.  Flyers to print. A few signed songs to perfect. A small folding table to pick up. A crabby, sick baby. A dirty kitchen floor as well as a growing pile of laundry. And I haven't made it into the shower yet and it's already after lunch.

Needless to say, I don't feel like getting to the floor or the laundry.  I want to be ready for Saturday's Early Childhood Fair in which I will have a booth for my Little Hand's Sign business and for which (to be perfectly honest) I am stressing a tad over.

To top it all off, Aubrey had her nose in a comic book and left her open-faced peanut butter honey sandwich on the floor. After I told her to pick it up. When Donovan stepped right in it and continued walking across the whole kitchen floor, I couldn't help but raise my voice.
"Aubrey, this is exactly why I told you to not leave your sandwich on the floor! Now look at this mess!"

And then Brant, my uncharacteristic little three year old, calmly and practically piped up, "It's not a big deal Mom."

He took me by surprise. When I realized that my three year old was instructing me, the parent, I fought to hold back my laughter and said, "You're right. It's not a big deal. Thank you for pointing that out."

"If you can wipe it up, its not a big deal." reiterated Brant.

Okay. Gotcha. Message taken. Thanks for the reminder. Mom needs to chill.
You are a gem, Brant. And you just made your mother's day.


  1. very cute Keilah - keeping your wits about you is good day, especially if you can ALL day! :)Hang in there, Connie

  2. Don't you love when your kids teach YOU? Priceless. :)