Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's About Balance

If you ever need to get something done, give it to the busiest person.  Have you ever heard that before?

I feel pretty good when I have a busy day and yet get everything done I planned on. The other day was one of those, I was in up to my ears.  I had my last few pans of muffins in the oven, a pot of pasta boiling on the stove, and I was cutting Connor's hair.  Then the phone rang. It was a business phone call, one that I was very eager to receive.
Needless to say, one pan of muffins got forgotten in the oven and got quite dark, and I'm not sure if Connor's hair is even on the top. 
But it was a great day! It was beautiful weather and the kids were in and out all day with a nice breeze coming into my kitchen. The muffins hit the spot and I am eager to plan my set of classes I have signed on to teach. 

After a busy, productive day like yesterday, I feel like I can tackle anything this week.  
Realistically, I know that I cannot be in up to my ears every day of the week and survive. I am not so naive nor so perfect as to claim that life is always wonderful and I am invincible. But I have this high, this feeling of Super Mom.  And I guess that is a very good thing, given my current set of daily battles...

I have decided that we would take a temporary break from the Nintendo. We are on week two, and so far, so good. My three year old has had some really nasty behavior lately, much of which happens after we tell him it is time to turn off the game. So we have decided to live life without it for a while.
I really hate electronic babysitters.
And I really love them.

I think that kids should learn how to entertain themselves, should play outside, should use their creative little imaginations. 

I also love that the electronic babysitter, aka Nintendo, keeps the older kids quiet and downstairs during the baby's nap time, thus ensuring nap time is not cut short.  I love that I can send them down to play, and know that they won't surface or need me until I say that their game time is up, leaving me to sew, pay bills, or whatever it is I need to get done. 
How bad is that? 
We are throwing around the idea of getting rid of the thing permanently. For rainy days and sick days we always have the computer. The computer games we buy are educational at least, whereas the Nintendo is not. I just talked myself into chucking the thing into the dumpster. Maybe.

You should hear my three year old talk about Mario. And Captain Falcon. And Luigi.
He loves to play Nintendo. Thats why I hesitate to take it away. And thats exactly why I am worried about keeping it.

And in other daily battles, my three year old is still not potty-trained. I am getting really, really tired of changing him, let alone buying pull-ups.

Connor came home with a note saying that a case of head lice has been discovered in his classroom!

It's all good. I have this feeling of Super Mom (as well as another stash of potty treats and a $9 bottle of tea tree oil shampoo).

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